Message: “S.2 E.3 Love Undocumented with Sarah Q” from Daniel Hodge

Daniel Hodge - March 4, 2018

S.2 E.3 Love Undocumented with Sarah Q

S.2 E.3 Love Undocumented with Sarah Q

The conversation seems to have stalled on DACA and undocumented peoples here in the U.S. What's up with that? How has a historical unwillingness to address systemic inequality created the mess we're in now? Well, I can't say I have the answers, but this week on Profane Faith I have Sarah Quezada to speak on her new book which looks at this issue of immigration from a narrative perspective. Join in and check out this timely convo.

From Series: "Profane Faith"

A podcast that engages faith, on the margins. Faith that has been labeled, profane, non-conformist, and/ or “out there.” We’ll be exploring the intersections of the sacred, secular, and profane to find God. Profane Faith is a Dauntless Media Collective podcast. Visit for more content.

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