Dan’s 1st TDK Tape

Speaking, and, well, almost anything to do with audio, has always been in Daniel’s blood. From a young age, and well before podcasting was a thing, Daniel would record a show he called “The Daniel Hodge Show on KBO Stations.” He saved up his allowances and got a microphone, bought a double deck cassette player with input jacks, bought a 3-pack of TDK cassette tapes, and went to town recording different comedy shows. All this, at age 5.

That continued for some time, then, the digital revolution happened, and Daniel found himself in a great place: multi-track recorders! One thing led to another and he found himself creating music for the likes of Bone Thugs & Harmony along with many other underground & local Hip Hop artists. Fast forward, and Daniel, then became Dr. Hodge. Someone told him, “Dan move away from there, podcasting is where you oughta be!” So he packed up his stuff, and moved to Podcasting-beverly.

So, there you have it! 40 plus years of history in 163 words!

Seriously though, if you want to find out more, check Daniel out at www.whitehodge.com

Enjoy the site and, by all means, drop us a line!