Message: “S.2 E.21 Outside The Lines and Embracing Queerness to Transform your Faith: Mihee Kim-Kort” from Daniel Hodge

Daniel Hodge - July 1, 2018

S.2 E.20 Know that you have been Loved: Elonda Clay

S.2 E.20 Know that you have been Loved: Elonda Clay

Wow. This week was such a great conversation. I needed it too. With all the crap happening in culture and society, Elonda Clay brings some grounding with her new book on poetry. She also talks about her experience as a Black woman in Higher Education and the intersectionality of all that. Yeah, good. Be sure to check out her book, link is in the show notes. Let's keep pushing forward and keeping some hope...Elonda puts a lot in context.

From Series: "Profane Faith"

A podcast that engages faith, on the margins. Faith that has been labeled, profane, non-conformist, and/ or “out there.” We’ll be exploring the intersections of the sacred, secular, and profane to find God. Profane Faith is a Dauntless Media Collective podcast. Visit for more content.

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