Message: “S3. E.4 God at the Intersection of the Sacred Secular and Profane: Dr. Hodge CCDA 2018 Plenary” from Daniel Hodge

Daniel Hodge - November 8, 2019

2. Intro to Hip Hop Theology Oct 2019

2. Intro to Hip Hop Theology Oct 2019

This is a talk Dr. Hodge gave in the month of October 2019 at First Church of Lombard United Church of Christ

From Series: "Gon Learn Today"

So this is a podcast-ish. Audio, yes, but, what this really is, is a collection of talks, lectures, and workshops by Dr. Daniel White Hodge given over the years. The goal here is to learn and add to the knowledge base. Talks range from a variety of topics and are here, free, for anyone to engage with. Enjoy.

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