Message: “S3. E.4 God at the Intersection of the Sacred Secular and Profane: Dr. Hodge CCDA 2018 Plenary” from Daniel Hodge

Daniel Hodge - October 8, 2017

Episode 10__ Protest Faith in Action: Dr Robyn

Episode 10__ Protest Faith in Action: Dr Robyn

What does it mean to be Latinx, trans, Christian, and a voice for justice in the trumpster era? Dr. Robyn Espinoza breaks that down and gets at the issues of race, gender, class, and faith.

From Series: "Profane Faith"

A podcast that engages faith, on the margins. Faith that has been labeled, profane, non-conformist, and/ or “out there.” We’ll be exploring the intersections of the sacred, secular, and profane to find God.

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