Doubt is Essential to Faith & Religion

Doubt. We all have it. But, somehow when religion is involved, we think it needs to go away. We assume that doubt is bad, wrong, and in the extreme, something that makes us “broke.” That’s just bullshit. All of it. Truth is, we need doubt. We need doubt at every corner of our religiousĀ imagination. It is imperative. Without it, dogmatic ideological structures pop up and create what we’re seeing now in the U.S.: fundamentalism. I know it, you don’t. I have the truth, they don’t. You’re wrong, I’m right. So, to hell with you all!

Doubt pushes us to go deeper in our faith journey. It is the needed ingredient to grow in our own development. Yes, don’t believe the hype. If you’re in a religiousĀ setting that doesn’t allow doubt. Run. Don’t walk, in fact, get out that mu-fuckin’ place like now! It is eating you alive.

My pastor, Laura Truax, preached a sermon that captures the beauty of doubt really well; much better than I could have put it. So, give it a listen. I think you’ll be enlighted and, maybe, have a bit more doubt.