Humanism & The Challenge of Race: Dr. Anthony Pinn

An African American scholar that has had a great impact on my own thinking, is Dr. Anthony Pinn. Dr. Pinn’s work is renowned. He is prolific. And while I was not directly under his mentorship, he has influenced my own process on theology, God, and how we see the aforementioned through the intersections of race, gender, and class. Trust me, I’m working on getting him on the podcast, Profane Faith.

I ran across a podcast interview he gave and I wanted to post that here. I think it’s important to engage with the fringes of our own belief systems; especially in the realm of religion and deity. While Dr. Pinn focuses more on humanism, and I lean more toward Christianity, his continual push to critically process deity and embodiment have been challenging for me and has pushed me forward in my own scholarship. In this era of trump and extreme racism, I think it is imperative that we question our own ideology of religion. So much of it comes with colonialism, and thus, tainted processes. Dr. Pinn raises some really good points and allows us to take on a type of meta-questioning in which we question the questions. Good stuff.

So, check it out and let me know what you think.

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