Message: “S.2 E.18 Seminary While Black: Dominique Robinson Coleman” from Daniel Hodge

Daniel Hodge - June 17, 2018

S.2 E.18 Seminary While Black: Dominique Robinson Coleman

S.2 E.18 Seminary While Black: Dominique Robinson Coleman

Seminary while Black is a thing. A real thing. This week we go in, real deep. Let me say from the onset, I am not against institutions like Fuller Seminary. In fact, I have a lot of love for the school I graduated from. But, I am against the White Supremacy and White racism that places like Fuller have been rooted in for decades. And in love, we have to rebuke that in all forms. This week I bring on Dominique Robinson Coleman who's story is not a singularity, it is common. It is within that commonness that Dominique talks about her experience at a place like Fuller. Take a listen. And before you judge and try to object, I urge you to make sure you look over all the data and the issues students like Dominique are bringing up. Click on!

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